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Top Five Bible Myths

The bible itself contains some excellent myths of such fantastical magnitude that it turns reading Alice in Wonderland and dropping two taps of paper acid seem quite unexciting and normal.There’s so much on the bible’s bollocks but I have to cut it all down.

Number Five: Inconsistencies

If you think that your bible is the inspired inerrant word of the living god then it seems to me that any flaws in it render this proposition false full stop. The bible is supposed to have been written by the creator of the universe but, I think you or I would sit down one afternoon and come up with some way to improve upon it. There’s so many basic mistakes in the text that it couldn’t have been written by an magical being in the sky.

Here’s a small few for you:

How old was Ahaziah when…

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One truth in those twe;ve lies


    That megalomaniacal narcissist, Yeshua did have nothing to say about the helping the poor. He expected the end times. He says none know when he would return, and he’d return in the lifetimes of his hearers, but instead Is forever dead: contradictions and false prophecy do not instantiate truth!

     How can  one have a relationship with a dead man, and who would want  one with that scoundrel anyway?

     Of course his apologists white wash his comments about the return and all his other comments!

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